Thursday, August 17, 2006


"so, what will day 3 bring you today?"

I wait the 7 hours.... swim, meet with friends, talk a little, walk a little, read a little.....

"so, what did day 3 bring you??? were you happy?"
"what made you happy... tell me 5 things"

"1. my teacher- she helps me read
2. Spanish class started today (that's my girl!!! que barbara!)
3. running at recess playing 'chase the boys'
4. my friends were there to play with me
5. coloring.. I like coloring
now, that's enough, Mommy."

love our little after school talks...

not that I would forget my other 2... so here they are:

Happiness for Queen V today was
1. swimming with Mommy and friends
2. reading her first words- sun, ox, ax
3. playing Hooked On Phonics with Mommy
4. swimming with Daddy
5. no nap

Happiness for Mr. T
life is so easy for him...
sharing goldfish with friends.... only, he needs to have faster reflex to grab it before they do!
fresh diaper change when he isn't so hungry
seeing Daddy after a long day
walking.. yep, you saw it here first... he is starting to walk!!!


*Jeanne* said...

Just precious AM! I love these sweet little talks. Great photos!

JB said...

Too cool! I'm so glad that dd is happy in school and that she is sharing her experiences with you. You probablywon't hear from me for a little while now but I'll try to stay in touch. Love ya!

alli_scraps said...

So sweet!!!! Love the photo!!!