Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, little one!

yep! My boy is one..... but let me tell you ... he is still a baby! I never have understood why some people think when a person turns one they are no longer a baby...

my boy's favorite things at the young age of one are
boxes on his head
saying "yea!" when I do pattycake with him
sand in his mouth- yuck!
blocks- you set 'em up, he'll knock them down!
cars- and he got 4 today from us! yipee! or should I say, "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
paper to "distress"
pushing on the mesh of his playpen with his sister on the other side
laughing till he falls down and rolls
puppy kisses- from our Prince Charming and Mom's Paci
swinging- especially on the swingset Daddy made
Mommy grabbing the keys to go some where- anywhere
Daddy coming home after a long day with the girls... too much estrogen around here during the day!
more boxes on his head
to chew on alphabet puzzles
storytime at the library
walks in the stroller
naps outside
naps in Mommy's arms while she walks in the pool
kisses and hugs from his sisters
Gran's jewelry.... Grandee's jewlry

one more thing... surprises from my kids..
oldest: crawling inside the baby's birthday presents and letting us close the box- hilarious!
middle kiddo: telling my dh, "get into my dreams, Daddy" as she falls asleep
baby: knowing there is a party still going on so he gets up after nursing "to sleep" to play with his Grandpa!!!

*pictures are from when ds is 1 day old and last week...


*Jeanne* said...

Just precious photography AM! Now just to let you know I still call my 14 year old my baby. I keep telling him no matter what age he is.. He will always be my baby! lol

alli_scraps said...

amazing AM! Always love to read your journaling...he will always be your baby! One thing about little boys is that they ALWAYS love their mommas! My almost 10 year old still climbs in my lap!

Jaci said...

OMG! He is too stinkin' cute! I just want to squeeze those cheeks! Time goes by too fast, doesn't it!? All we can do is cherish the moments as they go by. Glad you all had fun! :)

JB said...

He is so precious! Are you having a party this weekend? Are you still keeping the tradition of everyone bringing a scrapbook page with wishes for him? That is such a great idea!