Sunday, August 06, 2006

would you like to swing on a star?

I remember singing this song when I was in grade school.. our art teacher put on a production every year for the grandparents to come see us... I never knew if mine would come ... I think they did...

well... grandparents and swinging stars.. kind of go together once again.... We were given a kit for a swing set 2 Christmases ago... we've had funerals, births, school, change of jobs (3times!), and every day things that got in the way of this being built.... until now!!! My sweetie FINALLY put the swing set completely together!!! The kids are extatic as am I :) It can hold 4 swings.. one for Mr. T :) so the girls can have 1 friend over to swing..

big trampoline with net $160
sandbox with playsand $100
+ swingset made by Daddy $$$$
children's laughter while stretching for the chimney PRICELESS

It just doesn't get any better! Thanks, honey, for putting it all together for the kids!


*Jeanne* said...

I am so excited for you and your kids. There is nothing like a swing. To this day if I go to the park my ds teases me that I still want to swing. I say yea so.. I like to swing my cares away..


Jaci said...

My kids loved our set and still have so much fun with it. (It's about 3 years old) It's one of those Rainbow play systems so it will hold my butt too! LOL! I swing all the time. It soothes me! ;)
Hope you guys have loads of fun swinging together :)

JB said...

Way to go!!! I can picture the smiles and laughter in the backyard! Can I come play? ;-)

alli_scraps said...

How fun!!! The kids will love it!