Monday, August 14, 2006

one more day.... I just want one more day

my heart is racing
just one more day
7 hours away
6 hours waking
can't she stay home?
it's such a big place

my heart is racing
did i spend the time wisely?
does she know i'm thinking of her?

my heart is racing
what all will she learn?
listen to her
care for her not as her mother but as a friend.....
an angel sent to me... now I send her to you...

my heart is racing
hurry back to me!
tell me of your dreams
is it all you wanted it to be?

my heart is racing
just one more day

words by me.... a worried mama as her dd starts elementary school


JB said...

she'll do great! My prayers are with you though because I can only imagine how you feel. Your poem was really touching.

*Jeanne* said...

Awesome photo! You are so good behind that lens. Love that poem. Perfecto! She will do great. You are such an wonderful Mom!

Jaci said...

Beautiful poem. I think every mom feels this way. Mine started kindergarten yesterday. Boy, such mixed emotions for me. He was so thrilled. It was hard not getting caught up in it and be thrilled for him. :)
Hopefully she will be the same; thrilled and excited and lovin' every minute of it.
Hang in there. :)

alli_scraps said...

amazing!!!! Your words are always so beautiful and inspiring!!!

cpbunch said...

Well put AM!! Lilly started her first day of kinder today and I was DEVASTATED! So very quiet and lonely in the house today. Hubby took it off but it's just not the same without my little firecracker around. :)