Wednesday, August 16, 2006


little ones
big ones
we all have them
what's important to you
why you share
who you share with
don't tell
it's just between us
trying to fit in
making new friends
finding your way
don't tell
it's just between us

since we are in 100* heat it doesn't make sense to sit by and have tea after school to find out how a child's day went in school... so we swim... lots... jumping, spinning, underwater, tag, catch the flipflop, find the icecube... we play for hours... and I wait patiently as my dd tells me of her "secrets" she keeps... who with... why... so curious but not so much I make her go the other way... to stop the communication... I want her close... to be confident in telling me what ever is on her mind....

being a mama is a tricky thing... knowing how far to prod before she dives away..... holding it all in for another day.....

**look for these thoughts and photos to be in future LOs :)


*Jeanne* said...

I just love all your poems AM! You write so perfectly.

Love the picture.. Can't wait to see the layout you do with that!


alli_scraps said...

LOVE that photo!!! AMAZING!!!

As always...I love to read your writing!

AnneMarie said...

thanks, girls! :)
I hope to get it put together this next weekend... after Mr. T's birthday party with cousins!!! :)