Tuesday, August 22, 2006


so we sit down to look at the homework- a book she has to illustrate the cover for and color in the pages of previously drawn artwork by someone else....

c'mom, let's get it done.. (I came to check it all out)
Mommy, this is my space- not yours..... let me do my work.
No problem, I am not here to do your work ...

off I go to download pics from the weekend...
Mommy, I want to watch PBS
Did you finish your homework?
Well, go finish- no tv until it's all done.

time passes... found her watching Cyberchase...
Did you finish?
Why not?
because it's homework.
Precisely. You have to do it at home and then take it back when it's done.
But it's supposed to stay home- that's why it's called homework.

do you see the problem here? lol! now it's time to clarify what homework is all about... lol!

Homework is what the teacher gives you to finish an assignment, you give it back, she grades and then gives it back. Get it?
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, she'll check to see I made an A and then I get it to keep forever. I got it, Mommy!

whew! glad we got that cleared up- it could have been a diaster! lol!

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alli_scraps said...

You would think they could come up with a different name than "homework"! Glad to see another family where TV is OFF until all HW is done!!!!