Tuesday, August 01, 2006

life is like a box of chocolates

well, I like every chocolate in the box... or so I thought....
got to see the doc today for my dd's surgery- she is fine and can do everything she wants! This chocolate I love! lol!

we got to register her for school... I got into it a little with the school nurse. She thought I was nuts for thinking it is fun to get school supplies. I always liked it! Mom would take us to the Treasury (it doesn't exist any more, I think) and we would pick out lunchboxes, pencils, notebooks.. oh, it was great! I don't know how she did it with all of us going in 4 different directions. Anyway, I just loved the feel of new paper, the never been used erasers and the freshly sharpened pencils.. nothing like it!!! Well, the nurse was telling me by 8th grade I would be sick of it because THOSE teachers are sooooo picky.. I guess she didn't know I used to be one of THOSE teachers! lol! I told her that it was ok to be picky but if it couldn't be found- one of the items on the list then we just make do.. you know, if it's not "Prang" watercolors I am sure there are others that will work fine- you know??? LIFE IS TOO SHORT to worry about things like that- YOU KNOW? Well, so here I am telling her this and she says, "Oh, no. They are there to prepare and organize the children... red folder for English, blue for Science.. blah blah blah...." You get the picture... As a teacher, I was happy the kids came happy, excited to learn and ready to please.. Admit it, one way or another we are all looking for someone just to tell us "you're doing a good job!" Even if that is just getting our shoes tied in the morning... lol!
I walked away thinking that she doesn't get it... She didn't get it when my dd told me she felt poorly and she wasn't getting it now... She brushed my dd off like it was nothing in the middle of spring... hello... she is sick... she does NOT pretend to be sick... whatever... that chocolate I would put back in the box for some other slob to eat... no.. I wouldn't.. I'm the kind of person to tell my closest friends NOT to get that chocolate unless it would go smoother with BAiley's hahahahaha Who knew.. melt it down and try again with salted peanuts- yep, that would work. And if not then I would toss it and move on...

Moving on... that is what I need to do with one friend... I always seem to be the person to call this one friend... I try to initiate things and get the cold shoulder. Nope, don't need that chocolate... I think it's stale... time to move on.. what happened to that chocolate??? Maybe chasing her 3 kids and seeing the box and not looking inside..

see, that's the problem I see with communication.. all these wrappers not letting the other chocolates touch.. isn't there a problem with that/???

oh, I am rambling.. talking in code... lol!


JB said...

sorry to hear you are having problems with a friend. That's always difficult. But as coded as your chocolates were, I'd like to have Milka please with smooth hazelnut cream. ANd I sure hope the wrapper isn't on too high, so we can still stay in touch :-)

Oh, and the nurse - who cares about her attitude? Who knows what kinds of bad chocolates she's had in her life to make everything else bitter huh? As long as you and dd communicate, I can't see anything diminishing her optimism, enthusiasm and good heart.

alli_scraps said...

Sorry to hear about friend troubles....hope the lines of communication open up from her end soon.

Love the photo!

Jaci said...

I remember loving school shopping as well. The newness of it all...I just loved it! (Still do for that matter. LOL)
Sorry about your friend troubles. That seems to be going around...like a bad cold.
There's a problem in general with people and communication. As a whole we don't really have to communicate anymore. We have automated messages instead of "real" people, e-mail instead of actual conversations and cell phones so we can talk to the people we're meeting for lunch while we pass 20 people on the street and never say a word. Communication is a lost art!
Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your post! LOL! Off my soapbox now.