Saturday, August 12, 2006

simple LOs...

We had great thunderstorms after Mass today... no rain for us but there was some just north of our place... I so want rain here!!! ugh!
went through ds's closet and put away things that don't fit..waiting for the next baby to arrive in our lives.. you can never be too careful and get rid of them! in my quest I found a box full of handmedowns that have been given to Mr. T that fit hime NOW!!! that won't last the way he nurses... if he would only find other foods interesting! ha! I am also going through Lady G's things.... her closet is a MESS- boy! So we hauled it all out and put it on ds' bed... hey, he doesn't use it yet! lol! and went through to find out what fits and what does not... getting ready for school to start on Wednesday. I am not ready for this at all!!! So hard for me to send her off.... I have had such a great time with her this summer... just hanging out enjoying each other's company and reconnecting. It's all good... and now it's time for sleep.

since I am suffering from migrains I go for simple scrapping.. here are a few from the last 2 days.. enjoy!

This LO is of my dd when she got her first pair of sandals... time flies!

love this LO of dd and my niece. This restaurant doesn't exist any more.. too bad- they had handdipped shakes- yummy!

look at the smiles here!! We had a ball here... #2 was just a little over a year here and dd #1 was 3.5 years. Now we have our own swings.. how much more will we be going to the park?? hmmmmm


*Jeanne* said...

Oh AM! I love seeing your layouts. Remember been your number one fan for ... seems like forever! lol

Your designs are just too precious. Love the colors. The swing layout.. LOVE IT!

Swing your cares away!


alli_scraps said...

Love your LOs!!!

We have just gone through all the boys clothes...all that's left is to get into the hand-me-downs to see what will fit him!!!! The gap between the boys' sizes is quickly shrinking!