Monday, August 28, 2006

find goodness in your day

so I scrapped a card, made a sketch for and hung out with my kiddos today.. a lot..
we read
told silly stories
ds took a nibble of a mandarin oragne
dd read another book from HOP
tried a new recipe- taco junk- yummy (will try and post tomorrow)

just before Queen V went to bed she asked me "will you be in my dreams?"
yes, of course
do you dream of rats?
no, I dream about flying
that's not good to do, Mommy. You could get hurt up on the roof.
I dream about flying with you, sweetie.. like Peter Pan with Wendy. All you need is a little Pixie Dust... from Tink.
oh... I like Pixie Dust... see you in my dreams!

it was a good day


*Jeanne* said...

I love that saying.... see you in your dreams... PRECIOUS AM!

Cindi K said...

Hi...I found you through Blink (you left a comment on my blog) I think it's so cool that we have so much in common (kid's ages, scrapping, Texas, and a love for photography). I've enjoyed perusing your blog! You have a sweet family and really have your priorities in order!! I'm working hard on that one...still haven't folded the towels today...that's a start!! said...

Sounds like it really was a great day AM. Love the little ones - cute sayings and adorable little faces.