Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I can only IMAGINE

Who knows what cross we bear... a cross to one is a joy for another...
What is your cross?
I think in my life I have had different ones- small ones that really have not mattered to much at the time but have created who I am, who I long to be, who I want my children to see in me...
crosses I have beared in my short life so far:
education- learning does not come easy to me
communication- I was a brat as a kid... longing to be good... it was a stretch and I think I have made it so far
not having children.... when I wanted... God had a great sense of humor.. HE laughed at my plans of when I wanted to have children... on HIS time I now have 3 lovely children. I can only be blessed more if more show up. This was so difficult for me as a young adult... I cursed, questioned... only to be told, "not yet" in my prayers.. oh how that hurt so much

in this video this father has a cross to bear.. or does he? It's not just any ordinary cross it's his son... grab a hanky and watch.. the song is so moving... if we could only be as lucky as this man, to see what is truly a cross... and how to bear it in HIS name :)



JB said...

I share your sentiment. There are crosses I feel I bear that don't seem fair, but if I ask myself "Have I been blessed in my life so far? Am I truly lacking something essential?" And the answers are always - I've been blessed more than many many people, with wonderful families that care about me, with friends, good health, a job, etc. And although my heart may long for other things, and I do have difficulties to overcome, they fade in comparison to challenges many others have. As overwhelming as it may seem at times, it is a clear reminder that God only hands us what we can handle, don't you think?

Jaci said...

So true about crosses to bear. We all have them and carry them in our own ways. I love the video. I'd seen them on Oprah before. Such an inspiration!

Sophia said...

I'm a firm believer that we are only given what we can handle and that we benefit from every trial and challenge! Great thoughts.


kraftyscraps said...

We all have our crosses but I am grateful for all of them, past and present - making me who I am today and shaping me into the person I aim to be. Inspiring entry!

P.S. I'd love to have someone to do the 21 challenge with! Come join me! I've done my "habit" each day so far, now I just need to get moving on my art journal. :)