Wednesday, August 09, 2006

still zero

yep.. for another few hours my boy is STILL zero.. should have kept him up so he wouldn't turn one!!! lol!
we had a great day of swinging, playing with boxes on our heads (who needs a present... give the kid a box!!!), swimming... and then the girls and dh put up the banners, blew up balloons, and wrapped presents.. I am sure there is plenty of tape on there!!! lol!

I can't believe he is in his crib.. sleeping - still- this never happens... I guess it is a sign of things to come this next year.. lots of changes!!!
Who knew at 4:20 in the morn when I jumped across our wooden floor thinking, "don't leak, don't leak.. not on the hardwood! lol!" that I would have been blessed with such a great little boy!!! He is so awesome words escape me...
I wrote a list of things he likes and dislikes.. will try and post tomorrow during one of his naps :)

one more thing.. this is my self portrait while in labor one year ago... yep, I took it... not too shabby, huh? A smile... had been in labor for quite some time, my doc had walked on me- that's a story in itself- and the baby had gone back towards my ribs.. had to be a boy! lol! He got lost and didn't ask directions how to get out! hahahaha
poor kid, doesn't have a chance with me as his mama :)


twistedsoda said...

oh my beautiful momma! Look at that smile just one year ago! You brighten my day each and every waking moment! Give that boy a big kiss from a fairy girl who lives wayyyy up north! HEARTS!

madelineas said...

Great picture, you don't look to bad for being in labor :) Give that sweetie boy a big hug for me. Happy Birthday Timmy

Jaci said...

THAT'S your "in labor" picture? Holy cow! I don't have any pics like that of me. Anyone who even looked like they would snap a picture of me got thrown out of the room! LOL!
Have fun celebrating your baby's first year.

*Jeanne* said...

Look at that smile. Sheeesh I don't I ever seen anyone look at sweet and beautiful as you who is about to deliver a baby.

Happy Birthday sweet Timmy!


alli_scraps said...

what a GREAT photo!!! Wish I looked that good when I was in labor!!!