Thursday, August 03, 2006

time well spent

so much to do.. but what would I rather do? spend it with my kids!!! I so love to listen to them.. what they like, what they want what they dream..

#1 tells me she wants to teach me how to sketch. She hauls around pieces of paper and pencils everywhere. She made an altered clipboard only to give it to my mom because she wanted to give something really meaningful to my mom for Mother's Day. She she doodles on ATCs, scraps of paper, books.. she doesn't care. So today we doodle together. She thought I didn't know how to sketch. I love to sketch I tell her. WEll, since we thought both of the little ones were asleep we did a project together. She told me what to draw and then she colored it in.. I told her what needed more attention and I am quite proud of our artistic collaboration. I'll post later. :)

#2 tells me today she was never in my tummy. nope, a robot dropped her on the tent at the end of Gran's pool. Yep, a robot.... she talks a lot about robots right now. funny.

#3 kiddo gets so tickled at himself- already has a great sense of humor. He laughs himself silly throwing his head back and forth until he is so riddled with laughter that he falls down only to roll on the floor.

I scrapped today.. yep, cards-- lots of them.. hopefully will start posting on Ebay to make some cash to help out on bills... being paid in hugs and kisses is the best but bills still come. That's the pits... I have to do it.. I feel compelled to do it.. I don't want to gritch (yep, I said gritch) about it... I wanna help.. but on my terms... I love being a SAHM... sacrifices I make will make my kids better- so I think :)

today was time well spent for sure... art, dreams, giggles :) gotta love the end of the week like this one!


Jaci said...

My dd has a thing with robots now too. She pretends to be a robot mommy. LOL Where do they come up with these things?

*Jeanne* said...

What a great way to spend time with your kids... I love all the stories from their mouths.. too cute.

Hey are you going to share what your cards look like? You better!

JB said...

I already posted something yesterday but it never showed up - don't know why.
The stories you tell are really cute.
I hope you have a great weekend with the kidos.