Friday, August 04, 2006

motherhood? is it blasphemy to say it's boring?

I saw this on the Today show this morning and thought this was interesting...

I don't think it is boring.. never boring.. there is ALWAYS something going on.. it might not be the most interesting thing but it has a purpose and a reason... and I am glad I chose it for now :)
I laughed when I had my dd that I went to college to change diapers... lol but there is so much organizing and shuffling to be done... who knew all those late nights would prepare me for late night nursing... and not me with a beer bottle :lol: Nope, gone are the days of me in Rockies (probably only the Texas gals know what these are) and my ropers (flat boots for all you non-Texans that help you slide on the dance floor as you 2 step)...they'll come again but for now I think I am happy :) I need a few minutes here and there to catch my breath but I am really happy with how life is turning out. YOu know?
Now my SIL - she is another things- she cannot stay at home with her kids... 5 min drives her nuts! lol! seriously.. she couldn't do it- not even if she were paid in cash.. I just don't think she would

this lead to the discussion going more towards happiness and what makes one person happy does not necessarily make another happy. Could you spend all that money on an education and change diapers? Well, my education was for me to use just as I am.. teaching my kids a little Spanish, how to read, how to find the real meaning in the story of the day.. how to communicate with other cultures... I think I am also teaching my kids how to be better people. When standing in front of the classroom for 10 years I could tell who had a stay-at-home parent and who did not- for the most part. There are exceptions to the case... there always are but I knew I wanted to be there.. to be a part of my kids' life- being the most important teacher.. from everything from faith to reading to counting...

so what about you?? are you happy? are you doing what you want to? Would you change things if you could?

I know I will not forever be at home.. I think a lot of what I will need to do to help get the kids through college.. (I was just told today that my oldest will now run for the presidency.. . yep, she wants to be the first female president of the US... she found out we don't have queens here so president it is! Nice to have high priorities and standards for yourself- don't you think?) So I dream of what I want to do..... pick up my Spanish again, go back to ESL, teach first year teachers how to make it in the schools today... so much! I think I would like to go back and finsih my masters... maybe even my PhD some day :)


JB said...

hmm, I wonder who you're talking about... I think it is wonderful that you are enjoying motherhood, and there is no doubt that being a mother is a huge sacrifice of your personal desires and goals. At least temporarily. I would just add to the mix that maybe working and not staying at home with kids makes some people better parents during the time they are with their children? Of course that can be debated in the case of in-laws lol but still... I believe you that you could tell the difference between those kids that had stay at home parents and those that did not. on the other hand, my parents both worked because they had to, and didn't I turn out just woooonderful? lol What a great exception to the rule lol. ;-)

alli_scraps said...

as always beautifully said....and I always appreciate the way you don't put down those people who chose to work while raising children....I always feel my SIL has put me down for working while the boys were small but I look at her kids and mine and think "Who's are well-adjusted, strong minded people?"....let me tell you not her's! LOL!!! Had the situation been different at school I would not be staying home this year but I am looking forward to the challenge!!! I always love your challenging questions!!!!

Jaci said...

I love being able to stay home with my kids. I don't miss work at all. (Although I do miss the extra money) I'm not saying there aren't days when my kids are "pills" and I wish I was at work so someone else could be dealing with their attitudes. Overall, I love it and wouldn't want it any other way.

*Jeanne* said...

I heard about this yesterday. That lady really need to learn to appreciate what she has. Think of all the people that can not have children, and would do anything to love a child.

Not to say that there are day that my sweetie is not so sweet.


Jenny Bamford-Perkins said...

I unfortunately was on my way out the door for 'work' and missed the entire episode of this woman.

I have always worked, with the exception of a few years off here and there when my children were babies. I made huge sacrifices, working mothers hours 4pm-midnight so I could pass the babies off to my husband after his shift was over so we did not have to send our children to babysitters/daycare.

Motherhood Boring?! NEVER!

Do I wish I could stay home? Every day.