Sunday, September 03, 2006

moments of clarity

in the last 4 days I have had a migrain that will not go away.
I hate migrains. I used to get them as a teenager..
I couldn't go down a grocery isle where the product hung off of a metal spike.
I couldn't go down the soap row because of the smell.

since Mr T has been born I have had migrains every other week and they last as long as 4 or 5 days. they are the pits.
I hate migrains!

in a moment of clarity I did get to make an altered notebook today.
I will be using this notebook to keep me updated as to what materials I use on what projects.
I hope this will not only get me going on the Mega Challenge at but also get me to submit somethings for publication.
One can only hope... right?

I had to add to this post since I have not posted due to migrains.. ugh..
this photo is of my dd who is 3 reading to me.. can you believe?? reading! wow!

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*Jeanne* said...

AM I feel for you. I know how horrible migraines can be. The older I get the more of them I get. FUN FUN!

I hope your migraine is gone.. and you are feeling better.

The journal is gorgeous. I love the colors! Yes you better submit.. but didn't I say that to you a LONG time ago? lol