Monday, September 04, 2006

new baby teeth, ballroom dancing, silly faces

we had a lot going on today...
Mr T broke 2 more teeth in- molars.. it was a mess when he got the bottom one to come threw- yuck!

pushed the table in the study to the side for safety issues... I don't like it but it gives the girls a place to practice ballroom dancing.

It RAINED! alllll day! I love it!
it's a good rain that saturated the ground- we need it for sure!
we could only be blessed with more!

can you believe I didn't get a pic of the kids playing in the rain? nope.. not one.. they didn't get to play in it today... I can't believe we missed this opportunity. We don't often get this kind of rain without thunder and lightning so this was a time I should have made time...

oh... just one more thing !lol!
This LO is of my dd NOT enjoying having her photo taken at Halloween when she was little- so sweet! She cracks me up!


*Jeanne* said...

I love the title of this... Awe cutting molars. Ick that hurts. I hope he is doing better. Dancing... now there should be some sweet pictures...

Nothing like dancing in the rain... at least that is what Gene Kelly said.

What a precious design. Look at that face. Too cute AM! I love it!

alli_scraps said...

LOVE that face on the LO!!!! She's precious!!! Hope Timmy is feeling a little better soon!!! Getting molars is yucky

ScrappingPrincess said...

A very fitting title! :-) I love those pics...adorable... ahhh...ballroom dancing, that's funny because I just watched a movie this weekend about ballroom dancing :-)

Hope your baby feels better soon...cutting teeth is no fun. I pray also that your migraines go away. They must be painful.

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and stopping by! Glad you liked the wall flowers! It was hard to go wrong for my daughter with flowers and bling! :-)

Jaci said...

This is so cute! Her face is priceless!
Hope the teething gets better. Molars are always the worst.

Tania said...

Yikes! I'm so glad we don't cut teeth as adults!

Cami said...

Hi Ann Marie, found your blog on scrapbook artists :-)
very cute scrappy stuffs! and you kiddos are adorable. Hope you get your computer fixed soon.
Have A Happy Scrappy Day!