Sunday, July 09, 2006

time for me...

I never seem to find the time to get back here...
15 minutes... isn't that what FlyLady says?? you can do anything in 15 min?? welllllll... where the heck are they?? lol!
my breaker box melted 2 of my breakers so we were without dryer and AC in 1/2 of the house
dd had surgery
Grandpa died... 6 days short of his 102nd birthday
dd graduated from kindergarten
met with some 2Peas gals for photography... that was a story in itself.. I still have to get the photos up... I feel like my camera is a throwaway compared to what these gals had! lol! I am learning still... working on the photography.... I hope to learn more from these gals.. I hope to practice to get to a level that I feel comfortable with them... amazing photographs these gals took.. the children played so well together...

I did delve into chalks the other day and it felt good to get my fingers covered in COLOR! the tape was sticky. the glue was smooth. the paper crisp.

time to create again!!!


twistedsoda said...

oh chalks...get your fingers all covered in colors AM and have some sweet rainbow fun!!!! I am only a thought away! BIG HUGS!

*Jeanne* said...

I wanna see some more photos. You are doing awesome!