Friday, July 28, 2006

little conversations about and with little people

"I'd do anything for Timmy" a quote from my oldest child
"when I grow up I want to be an elephant" said my second child...

between me and my mom as she held my seond in her arms
"my eyes are just so tired.. out for the entire movie...(my dd)
"how long does she sleep?"
" why? is your arm tired?"
" nope, alseep"

I just love you" my second kiddo says to me as she drifts off to sleep last night
tugofwar with toys: what my mom's dog and my boy do for fun....
he eats the dogs' toys and the dog eas his. The baby has more germs than the dog! lol!

wy are you eating pizza in the pool? it's better that way


alli_scraps said...

what sweet conversations! Love reading your writing!

madelineas said...

Great conversation AM, love the picture of Timmy, big boy...

*Jeanne* said...

Hey there AM! He is getting so big. He is the cutest. Look at those little toes.. OMG I just kiss those cute toes... lol

I love these conversations... too cute..