Thursday, July 27, 2006

avocado for the baby- he likes it!
watercolors for the girls- they like it!we made ATCs together today.. watercolors are so fun!! Dh didn't know I liked to draw.. something new after 14 years of marriage! lol! Why is is it that kids draw the sky tht doesn't touch?? I asked dd and she told me .. "I like it that way. That's why!" lol!
a new magazine for me.. last subscription though- bummer.

Had a great compiment to day from my MIL-- didn't even know she gave me one- ha! I tooka picture of the kids a few weeks ago and gave her one. She tried to make a copy of it and the place clled her telling her it was a $250 fine for colpying professional work! cool, huh? The picture is ok... but it was the paper that I printed it on originally that made them think it was from a professional! lol!

gotta run0 - hope your day was a great one!


JB said...

That's classic! Based on what I've seen, you could say your pics are from a professional. Have you decided what to do about your camera???

AnneMarie said...

nope... still don't know.. dh's old boss has a camera he is looking to get rid of... don't know his price yet.... I need one.. it's like my right arm! ugh!

*Jeanne* said...

How cool is that AM? Too darn cool. Wow I can say I knew you when... YOu photography is amazing.. gorgeous!

The watercolors are beautiful... I am so glad you shared them on here to see... love it!

JB said...

it looks like we are online at the same time ;-)
I hope the camera is a great one - the kind you want. It is definitely worth the investment for you.

alli_scraps said...

Love the water color AM! You are an outstanding photographer....that's a great compliment!!! I know when I am with my inlaws they NEVER take photos...saying that they have their personal photographer with them (me)....LOL! And I'm not even that good!

Majeak Ann said...

Thanks for the message...let me know when you show it to your kids.
*so many adorable things here*
Marjorie Ann