Monday, July 17, 2006

what's for dinner: kitchen sink salad, of course!

my friend, Jeanine, asks.. well, tonight it's Kitchen Sink Salad!!! This is my all time favorite dinner- I love it!! First, let's start with FRESH ingredients!

Nothing but the freshest... at least in the summer!
first layer is iceberg or go for the baby spinach, romaine and the other frilly ones
pineapple- these really are so easy to cut up! it should smell SWEET
strawberries- cut in slices for the full affect of the rainbow of color in them!
raspberries because they remind me of Door County
grapes- halved for the juices to flow, green for the color contrast on the reds and other greens
tomatoes- vine ripen if you can get them- don't forget- DO NOT refrigerate them!!!
blackberries- found some really juicy ones in my market :)
croutons- crunchy ones that are baked- delicious
grilled chicken- warm or cold- sliced THIN I girll the chicken after marinading it in KC Masterpiece Steakhouse Marinade or one with garlic in it.. yummy.. watch so it doesn't burn and cook until clear juices run- it doesn't take long to grill... go ahead and do a few extra for the week.. you'll be glad you did!

**some times I will add avocados, olives, mandarin oranges... cashews.. Hey, it's not called Kitchen Sink Salad for nothing! lol!

I use a vinegrette by Brianne's with a strawberry on it- delicious!
so.. bon appetite for those of you willing to try!

my dd told me again today she wants to be a nun... a nun... it's time a new generation pick it up.. not anyone in my generation in my family became a part of the Catholic Church in such a way. I guess my volunteering is a good influence.. and seeing her uncle read and help with the Eucharist is another... it's all good. She also remembers how important it was to her Great Grandpa to be a part of the Mass even when he couldn't get to it.

ok.. you wanted to know about RAW... I will have to write out what I know and then put it all down so you can see it and maybe even try it... get out your manual to your camera and look up RAW.. can you do it? if you want to really capture that one great photo and not let the data wear out over time... then it is for you... more later... gotta scrap!


alli_scraps said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of the salad and wine with your backyard in view! BEAUTIFUL...worthy of publishing!!! You push me to do things I never imagined with my camera.....we'll work on the RAW thing!

Jaci said...

Love those pictures! You make the salad look so yummy. Makes me want to eat at your house :)
BTW...since you liked the "tag" so much, you're it! The ABC's of you! Have fun. Can't wait to see your answers.