Tuesday, July 18, 2006

ABCs of ME

Tagged by Jaci.. thanks, Jaci :)
these are things that I like or some how describe me now... written as I rock my baby boy to sleep..
Apples, ATCs
Children, Catholic, coffee, creative, Cherry Pie, chocolate, cards
Door County, diving
Easy going, energetic, ESL teacher
Funloving, "fru fru" cream.. for the coffee!
Giving, giggly
Horses, History teacher
Icecream (Kemps please.. from Minnesota, I found out! lol!)
Jello Pudding- make mine chocolate
Kimbal Art Museum
Laughter, learner, Lake Michigan
Memphis girl, Mama, Mommy, magazines
Not so neat
Organzing.. .always doing this but not very successful at keeping it that way!
Photography, Prince Charming (our dog), PB&J- raspberry jam, please!
Quite the list maker... now where did I put it???
Ribbons and rubons.. how cool are these!
Scrapping, stamping,The Shaker Box , soccer, swapper
Talkative, Texan (now I am), teacher
Vivid.. dh says he married a cartoon character!
Wanna be Chef and Photographer
Xtra silly
YoYo.. my horse since I was 14... she is now 30 years old
Z.... my family... the sleep I miss... taking my kids to the zoo


JB said...

Hey there, let's see if I made it into cyberspace with you ;-)
In the process, I had to create my own blog that I tried to entitle
"Clueless" but now I think my whole blog is called that - go figure. Just proves how clueless I really am.
Loved your ABCs. I could make it really tricky and make an ABC list in my native language?
I better go to bed now. It's great that we can talk like this...

cpbunch said...

ok - i've been tagged by AM!! Working on my ABC's now. LOL