Wednesday, July 19, 2006

dead... RIP G2

yep, it happened... my camera bit the dust! dd was reaching for a book- Cowgirl Kate to be exact- and my camera was in the general vicinity- that's all it took.. just to be close..... it took a dive and bounced (ouch!) on the tile floor in the kitchen. I knew that not only was my focus going to be off but so was my camera.. the whole stinkin thing. ugh! so frustrated... I wanted a new camera- a nice one... but not now.. it's just not in the cards... so now what? bite the bullet and get the camera I want? wait for my birthday? suck it up and see if it can be repaired. The G2 is not made any more- too bad- it's a great camera. Wonder what the new one is.. the next step...
Canon Cameras
what would YOU do??? besides keep it out of reach from Cowgirl Kate??? ugh... what camera would you chose next??? repair is $184... do this or go for the next step up?

Canon EOS 350D
Canon 20D.. in my dreams...

would you buy a refurbished camera? oh my.. what to do what to do...

so in my misery I purchased chocolate.. not just any chocolate but Health by Chocolate.. if you can find this get it- I swear, it won't make up for a broken camera- but it makes small things disappear.. well, except for my back end! ha!

ETA: at dinner tonight dd told dh we went to the "crammer store" and there were crammers everywhere!"
dh asks dd, "why did you go there?"
dd replies, " because I boke the crammer."

before dinner.. I dropped our remote to our TV.. in the same exact spot the "crammer" bit the dust... I said, "ok, God. I got the picture!" literally and figuratively... dd asked me, "Mommy, why'd you break the remote???"
sweet justice was hers tonight


*Jeanne* said...

I would look at it as fate to get the camera you want and bite the bullet!

I would safe your money on fixing or a refurb camera when you know your heart will be with the camera you want.

JB said...

I think you should get a new camera because there is not doubt you will get your money's worth out of it (well if it doesn't fall on the tile floor again). And if you even try to calculate how much money you've already saved by not going to professional photographers to have beautiful pics of your family made - well, you've even earned three cameras, not one!
Plus, I'll be happy to contribute to an early birthday present if that's what you want!

cpbunch said...

Get a new camera mama! You totally deserve it. I'm struggling with the same thing . . so listen to me!! I soooooo want to get the Canon Powershot S3 - just waiting for it to get below the 400 mark and I'm totally there. Get one and we can learn it together! At online they are raving about it!

alli_scraps said...

I say get the "crammer!".....get the one you want because if not you will wish you did! Ask for an advance on your birthday and even Christmas!!!!