Monday, July 10, 2006

11 months...

who knew 11 months would fly by so fast! whew!! like a whirlwind... our little man is growing.. I still see him as a newborn.. fresh.... wrinkly.. soft... now with a little personality shining through just waiting for the right moment to place his bottom lip on top of the top lip and blow like crazy... making a great big raspberry to see if I will laugh, do it back or just what... I love to do it back and hear a great big laugh from him.... he is so silly. I look at him and remember the dream I had of him when I was pregnant... still need to scrap that one... it will be something to tell him over and over again as he grows.. will he be that man in my dreams?? the one that rolled his eyes at his silly mama? Only time will tell.

No scrapping today.. just some shots of my kiddos... relaxing... healing from surgery... just being in the moment with my kids... love this feeling and that God gave me the opportunity I asked for over and over again.

Spoke with a dear friend today... I was telling her about my conversation with Lady G (my dd)about life. She told me the other day she was not going to get married. She is a long way from that age but she is thinking.
I took a deep breath and said, "no?" (she is so kind she would make a wonderful mommy)
She said, "no, I want to belong to Jesus and go to Church.... you know, like Sr. Dorothy (her great great Aunt)"
I replied, "You want to become a nun?"
"Yes, Mommy, a nun."
I thought for a moment. "Do you want to go visit Sr. Dorothy at the Convent again?"
"Yes." she said quietly.
"Have you talked this over with God?" I asked.
"No." she answered.
"You need to ask God if this is what He has planned for you. For your life. Ask Him for guidance."
"I can talk to HIm about this?" she asked me.
"Yes. Ask your Guardian Angel to guide yo towards Jesus... if this is what He wants you to do with your life." There was a great silence as we laid on the bed... she is thinking...


*Jeanne* said...

I can not believe you sweet baby is 11 months. Seems like yesterday that he was new. Awww. What cute gorgeous photos! You photography is looking amazing.. So you want to share your secrets? Like what kind of camera.. etc...


juls said...

What an amazing girl you have--what a special conversation between the two of you. Love the pics--you have such gorgeous kiddos! And love the blog!