Saturday, July 22, 2006

How to say "I love you!"

so many easy ways...

listening to kids music in the car.. and singing to it with them...and dancing in your drivers seat while the lady next to you thinks you are nuts... don't forget to smile at her! ha!
scrubbing the floor of the shower while conditioning your hair... he won't notice but it will make it nicer....
having the right spoon next to the cereal for your dd in the morning
folding and putting it away yourself... don't wait for them- just do it
ignoring the laundry and blowing dandelions in the summer sun
letting them hang on your swimsuit as you walk back and forth trying to excercise in the pool
telling them no.... when it is necessary
hugging.... for no reason
saying, "I'm so proud of you!" when they stay in bed rather than popping up again and again
telling one more story even when they have gotten out of bed 5 times already
letting them help swiffer even if it moves the dust around instead of collecting it
putting an extra blanket over his feet while he sleeps to keep him warm

how do YOU say I love you to those important in your life?


*Jeanne* said...

Wow AM this is wonderful.. I love it! I love the way you say it.. and I know your children LOVE it!

cpbunch said...

Very heart-warming AM!! Keep up the great work!