Sunday, July 16, 2006

don't you just love it...

Don't you just love it when you learn something?? I sure do!
well, this is dh's computer.. and I am not supposed to put too much on but after crashing mine years ago (not by me but by dh) I took over playing with this one :) nice, huh?
Well, he wanted me to get into digital photography and scrapbooking. I am not yet into the scrapbooking but am into the photography!
Here is what I learned today:
take photo in RAW- it's more like data and not a photo. (knew this already)
you have to convert this data into another form of file Adobe can read. Done - it becomes a TIFF. What I didn't know is how much disk space a TIFF takes! GEeEZE! it takes a ton! I mean, I have filled and refilled this memory on this computer so much! it is driving dh insane.. so I set out to find out what to do... I went to Mpix and read what they had to say. I have tried to read as much as I can at 2Peas but didn't get what I was looking for at the time...

well, long story short- I have found space by ditching my TIFFs and keeping the RAW. I finally figured out how to convert without using 3 different programs to proof pictures I have taken!!! yippeee! this speeds things up so much!

now here is the next dilema (see, when I learn something another question ALWAYS follows!) I went into PhotoShop Elements and saw how Zoombrowswer was converting my photos- kind of cold but when I did it straight from my files the pictures turned out warm.. I know part of this is because I was doing an overall conversion for a slew of pics but should it really make that much of a difference??? hmmmmm

do you know the answer to my question???
would love to post but it's so late and I gotta chase kids tomorrow :)

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alli_scraps said...

Maybe because it's HOT upstairs where I am (cause we DIDN'T turn the AC on when we left this morning!) or because I really don't understand a lot of digital photography but you have REALLY confused me!! Please post the answer to your question!! Although I have heard that TIFF and RAW are LARGE files!