Thursday, July 13, 2006

so many thoughts

cake... love it.. love to make it... love to eat it.. .you can tell.. it's on my hips.. I gotta get rid of this hippage I got going on... These cakes are a labor of love.. the cake- Funfetti by Pillsbury is so good! lol! I take icing and add gels until I get the color I want and then play with the piping until itlooks like what hte kids ask for.. Lady G always asks for a mermaid so mermaid it is... This time I went out nd did a lacing kind of thing on the back.. didn't get a picture.. maybe someone at the party did... hope so.. My dd is so happy to see it and the kids all dive in asking for a hip or fin.. so fun! The mommies are impressed that I took the time.. Birthdyas come once a year- shouldn't the cake be worth waiting for?? My mom used to make cakes that tasted tgood. She wasn't creative withthe icing but you aks for a rum cake and it was the best rum cake you EVER ate! loved it when it went in my lunchbox at the Catholic school !lol!

I thought long and hard about this today.. time to get back to WW and get this weitght off so I am healthy.. strong for my kids.. goin go tmake a food journal this weekend and get on it.. time is wasting... my kids want to play!

felt the pains that I had prior to children.. ugh. I hate the pounding in my side.. the ache of adhesions.. why are they back?? not so soon...
I waited so long for my children to arrive and now that hthey have even to think that I might not feel life within me again is hard to believe... I love the feeling of them stirring inside. Knowing I am the one to keep him or her completely safe..

I'm rambling.. must bet my migraine taking over.. I can't seem to finish a thought..
think I need to run...


twistedsoda said...

I love cake! Cake should be one of the food groups! Your beautiful AM...inside and out and I love you dearly!

*Jeanne* said...

The cake is just gorgeous!! Wow! So many talents you have.

I hope your migrane goes away... I just hate those things..

Huge Hugs!

alli_scraps said...

The cake is amazing! My MIL taught me to decorate cakes like that...have done a few for birthdays but somehow I ended up with kids who don't LIKE cake!!!!