Wednesday, July 26, 2006

wailing and gnashing of teeth to come...

oh, boy, did the little guy let me thave it today!!he cried so much.. must be teeth... I tried everything... he didn't wan tto go to sleep in his crib or anywhere else for that matter.. just in mama's arms.... we didn't get to do much today because of his crying...
finally when the kids went to bed and dh took the baby I got to play with paper, lue, scissors, glitter, stamps, ink.. .oh what fun!
I have other things to do since I snuggle a baby allllllllll day so I will post an run.. enjoy!

#1 is simple stamping and layering- love that!
#2 Fairies is to describe me... this is my life now. It is watercolored and glittered
#3: Oasis: tape transfer adn stmping, masking, texture with he sandpaper... hope you ike it scrapbratmother! :)

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alli_scraps said...

Beautiful! Love the fairies!!!! Hoep he's doing better today!