Monday, May 29, 2006

enough already!

ok.. here we are... everyone is asleep.. for a few minutes..
I am searching for pics to print... I am stuck.. I want to have just the right shot to scrap.. does that ever happen toyou? it's drivingme insane.. just print already and SCRAP!


twistedsoda said...

I think I have gone through 3 printers in the time that I have known you...hehehe! I have a love/hate relationship with those things! Love to see the smiles on your babies faces...and why wouldn't they smile, they have the most beautiful mother of all!!!!

*Jeanne* said...

Yep my printer and I are not friends... I understand your pain. So did you get the layout done? You know I am one of your biggest fans... I wanna see when you are done.

juls said...

I'm having a love/hate relationship with mine now too. And pics just got cheaper at my grocery store--and they do such a nice job for me so I've been having them printed more :)

Love the blog girl!