Monday, May 08, 2006

mama... earrings...hugs

not just one more thing today.. .but 3... maybe more! lol!

1. oldest dd got earrings today. She is so proud and calling everyone...
2. baby boy said, "mama" really clear... what music to my ears.. makes my heart swell... can you hear it beating faster... oh... how I longed to hear that sound for so long.. like hearing the heartbeat for the first time.. you never grow tired of it!
3. "I like you." from my middle babe... she likes me... she might not in a few years but she does now... I will have to remember that when we have rocky roads in the future.

kisses from my honey
children playing with each other
children coming up with solutions to their own problems..
got into a photography group to get better in my skills...

this all makes me happy and smile today!

what made you happy today?

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