Friday, May 12, 2006

high key v. low key

ok.. here is the challenge my group is proposing to take on..
to find what exactly is high key.. so many ideas in so many different circles.. what is yours??

high key information here

so.. did I achieve it? I didn't use lights behind my son but just a white sheet, light colors, natural light and over exposed.. some people say that is wrong but to use MORE lighting behind your subject so that it looks blown out...
I did what I did with limited things.. I need to get out a light and see what I can do with it tomorrow

today was a long day.. field day... dd got 2 blue and 2 white ribbons... and a BIG smile!!! WTG, girlie! You did it!!!


*Jeanne* said...

Wow!! This photo is just precious.. You are doing amazing with photography.. WTG!

*Jeanne* said...

You are so funny AM. Okay if you look at the first photo on my blog about the lake... But here it is.. Take a photo of anything that is not a person.. it can be a pet, a thing, a place.. then take it at an angle you have never taken with your camera before.. Could be easy just by tilting the camera differently... post on my blog when you have your photo..