Monday, October 30, 2006

things that go bump in the night!

we got "boo-ed" last night.. a neighbor dropped off a goodie bag full of spooky cups for the kids... they knocked so hard on the door I almost came out of my skin!!!

I don't have a lot of time tonight so I thought I would drop a quick note with a picture I got outside my front door this morning... bright and early!

found these links that might be helpful to some tomorrow night:
pumpkin pics:

general tips:

NY Institute tips (great ideas here!)
pdf here :

better photos dot com (this gives tips for pumpkins)

digital tips:

just in case you need some more ideas or written in a different way...


*Jeanne* said...

NOthing like getting BOOed. Isn't it fun? Awesome photo AnneMarie!

Maxine Hazebroek said...

Wow what an amazing sight you had this morning, fantastic photo AnneMarie. Its funny reading about Halloween, it just isn't huge in Australia, well not where I live I just love seeing and hearing all about it....what fun.