Sunday, October 29, 2006

good good good good vibrations!

love that BEach Boys song!
I have seen the Beach Boys so many times through highschool and college.
I think I have seen Chicago more though... another great summer band! lol!

in keeping with my sister's thought of keeping that "relaxed summer vacation feeling" going I am putting up a LO I did of my kiddos taking a dip this last August on my son's first birthday...

NOTE- I am NOT a lime green girl... or a neon scrapper but I had this kit from a swap I was in at Lifetime Moments from oh so long ago and can't NOT use it.. it had the papers, the frame, the cardstock... so it just kind of fell in place with a sketch that Chris created for The Shaker Box I think it looks ok.. and it needed to be done for the little guy's album.. boy, I took a lot of pics that day!

I have been loving the cards I see at SCS and hope some of the talent rubs off on me.. I did some tags with my buddy Jeanine on Friday so we have homemade tags on our gifts this Christmas.. we did Santa stamps- I think they need some help.. I will see what else I can do. We talked about doing it but I didn't get to do anything to plan so it was by the seat of my pants. We got 24 done and there was one I snuck in on her :) Did you see it, Jeanine?? a little extra! We will do more religios ones next time in silvers and blues.. maybe some burgandy and kraft.. who knows! lol!

I need some inspiration.. do you know of a great gallery for tags for gifts?? who do you look for inpiration for??

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alli_scraps said...

LOVE the beach boys and chicago!!!!!
Love you new LO AM!!! Great job!