Friday, October 27, 2006


talking to dd about numbers.. it's so funny to hear what a little one thinks about such things as they learn....

we were discussing something after dinner... can't remember what it was but our oldest pipes in to ask us some questions..
we ask her one: hey, what comes after 1000?
Lady G: cookies!
silence.... followed by a burst of laughter!

what is she thinking??? lol!
she and I caught a little bit of the Today show before school and Merideth and Matt were discussing 2006... do you say it two thousand AND six or two thousand six. Well, being a teacher's daughter I taught her NOT to say one hundred AND one. It simply isn't correct! So Lady G announces to the TV, "hey, you can't say the AND. It doesn't exist when discussing numbers!" Thata girl! give 'em hell! lol! yet one of my pet peeves will NOT be coming out of this babe's mouth! lol!


JB said...

so did she tell you why cookies come after 1000? Personally, I would say because there should always be more than 1000 cookies around the house, but maybe she had something even better in mind ;-)

*Jeanne* said...

Actually I think cookies would come after any number... especially a big number like 1000. If you see me you would think that cookie comes after every number and I eat that many... lol

Your kids are just precious!

Anonymous said...

What a cute page!!