Monday, October 23, 2006

wishful thinking... and silly sayings...

ok, so I volunteered at dd's school today.
they are rhyming.
I love rhyming..
kids are so innocent
or so I thought


so they have to rhyme : cat, fit, duck

picture this:
boy walks up to teacher
teacher leans down
student says, "I know the word is duck. can I say..."
whispers in the air
teacher replies, "let's keep it appropriate. ok?"

I am rolling!
teacher never flinched.
kid shrugs shoulders and walks back to desk.

wonder what's said in his house, huh? lol!

I'm trying to upload pics.. darn (ryhmes with barn ;) )... blogger won't let me. (edited to add.. got it on.. yippeee!)
I am investigating angel policies of rubber stamps to allow me to post some things on ebay.
yep, I am taking the plunge.
A great friend (hi, Paula!) encouraged me to do it and now I am going to do it.
I have a deadline of this week to get things up and running... it's fast and furious but I have to help around here and my relaxation comes from stamping, photography, and scrapping... put those together and I just might have some ideas to sell...
it's a leap of faith
I think I have not done it all these years because I am afraid to fail.
I said it.
I can't believe it but I think I have come to terms with it.
It's hard to do but if I don't try I will never know- will I??

if I get to post pics I will show you what I am NOT putting on ebay... some things I cannot sell- angel policy doesn't apply.

have you ever sold on ebay??? what was it? how did it make you feel?


*Jeanne* said...

Gorgeous card AM! I love it. So I thought of you the other day... I found an awesome site for sketches. I know how you love them. Amazing artist there too. You got to love the UK girls...

I hope the link works... If not I have it on my bloggie.


Amy W. said...

too funny about 'ebay'! i wish you the best of luck. i have thought of making handmade albums and such to try but first i am unloading things around my house. i am soooo the same way about afraid to fail. i know in the back of my head i have what it takes (for most anything) but i can't take that step. so i had my hubby push me a little and i stumbled but i'm up and listing on ebay. {scrappy hugs} ;>

JB said...

Go get'em! I have no doubt that you will be successful. It won't happen overnight, but just don't give up!
Your story about dds school was precious!
I'm glad you're back and posting again - computer fixed ey?