Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mr. T's last day of being 2

wake up before everyone else- check
tell Daddy to wake up and play- check
ask Mommy to go outside and play- check
shut girls door really loudly so I don't wake them up- check
watch my pick of the library movies Mommy got- check
put on play clothes before Mommy changes my nighttime diaper- check
ask for cereal and then spill it on floor- check
pick it all up and make Mommy proud- check
get piggy back from Lady G- check
find girls' secret hiding place in Mommy and Daddy's closet- check
swim in pool- check!
hold Prince's leash- check
hand out pickles at pool picnic- check
swim more in Gran's pool- check
go home with Daddy and fall asleep in his arms for nappy- check
get up and find gummies to snack on - check
get dressed for Mass- check
get yummy Mac-n-cheese from grocery store deli
check Party CAke with Mommy- check
watch some Olympics with Mommy and Daddy- check
wonder where girls are and if I can help wrap presents- check
discuss party list and guests for tomorrow... Gran, Papa, Gandeeeeee, Daddy, Ta, Weeeeee.... hooray!!
Party Cake Me!!! check
fall asleep in Daddy's arms for nighttime- check
sleeping in big boy bed dreaming of "party cake"- check

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