Tuesday, August 12, 2008


When I graduated college Mom gave me a tshirt that read
I'm OUTA here!!

well, after many hours of contractions I am headed to the horse-pistol to see who has been growing in me for the last 9 months...

Queen V is playing computer games
Lady G is practicing blowing bubbles with the last piece of bubblegum
Mr. T is sacked out in Daddy's arms

We are waiting for grandparents to arrive...
My mom has called and is ready to pounce... her BatCar is waiting to do multiple Bat Turns... those of you who have ridden with Mom know these turns well... hahahaha

If this turns out to be nothing I will have to take up high diving... seriously... this baby has got to come out.. DH just saw me do "the sway" and commented how he knew we were going to have a baby... he remembers my faces and how I move my body back and forth getting ready for the moment..

I better go grab my pillows.. hospital ones slurp!

**don't forget to say prayers for 10 fingers, 10 toes, cute little button nose... and no ripping on mama :) **


KARIN said...

I came here via a comment you left at Three Cheers For Mom- you poor thing being pregnant in this HEAT! Totally feel for you. But how exciting, now that is almost at an end and you get to meet that sweet little baby! Hope all goes well for you. Blessings and prayers--Karin

cpbunch said...

so . . so . . soooooo . . how is baby momma and beautiful little bundle? Been thinking about you and your family all day!! I'm so excited!!! HUGS to you AM!