Friday, April 27, 2007


This week has been "turn off TV week" at Lady G's school. We have had so much to do but usually Friday night is when my dh and the kids hang out and watch a movie together. Mostly they are movies I saw as a kid but dh did not... poor childhood.. had to wait till he was an adult to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Bambi.. who knew!

I have been playing around more with my camera and with my photoshop to get a little better than just getting by. I don't want to get by.. I want to really know what I am doing!

This week had so many things going on...
1. got a swap back from Sarah from Sarah and the Stampstars (see side bar) and the cards rocked!!!
2. We had the city call us twice in one day- we don't have sirens for tornadoes- they have an automated system that calls us... the one at night was especially bad.. we JUST got the kids down and then I got a call from the city saying to "take shelter immediately!" This was different than what they said in the afternoon... really scary! So I grabbed a sleeping bag and threw it on the pantry floor (I knew it was going to be a rough day so it was really straightened around so we could all get in with ease.. )I also got 2 big pillows for the kids... I got Lady G from her bed- she NEVER woke!!! The king got Queen V and then quickly handed her to me to get his truck under the tree - there was quarter size hail in the storm and we had just been hailed on a week prior!!! I had Mr. T in the sling and Queen V in the other arm... got Prince Charming into our powder bath and saw our town's name in the path of circulation... great... put Queen V in the pantry and she climbed on top of Lady G.. not knowing she was under a pillow.. I told her to get under the pillow with Lady G and she did... the storm passed but I let them sleep in there for about an hour until I was sure it was really gone and nothing else was coming from the west...
The kids NEVER knew they were out of their beds..
They have all slept walked since that night.. whew!!
3. volunteered at Lady G's school- I so love to do that! those kids are so sweet :) I miss teaching but as in previous blog entries I know this is where I need to be :)
4. Tonight we had a picnic with several friends in the Nature Center and the kids had a great time!! Mr. T loves the slide.. it gave me and dh a heart attack!!! That equipment was NOT built for a baby for sure!!!

**this photo is of Queen V from The Secret Garden we found.. it was so fun to go exploring with her!"

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katef said...

gorgeous photo!

Wow so glad we don't have to deal with tornadoes here.. that sounds scary, not to mention inconvenient timing!