Thursday, April 19, 2007

burgers and brew

what's for dinner??
burgers and brew..
my sister introduced this brew to me.. lovely brew!
wish I could say it made me creative in my scrappy room.. I did think I got a nice shot of it! lol! so I guess it made my photography creative with still life :)

needed something creative after rude people today..
my old college buddy has a sister that used to say, "there should be a separate lane [on the highway] for stupid people"... or was it a separate mall?? anyway.. I think rude people should have the same.. a separate lane, a separate mall and a separate town. My town is becoming increasingly rude.. wish it went back to horses and cows. At least then I would know what not to step on and when to get a bigger shovel!

ok... enough gritching... gotta get some shuteye...

1 comment:

alli_scraps said...

Great photo! DH loves Fat not so much but we always have some so come visit!! LOL!!!