Saturday, April 07, 2007

Snow for Easter??

I couldn't believe it! Snow on Holy Saturday.. they are calling for more tomorrow.
The kids had a great time at the grandparents' home..
Once again my Queen V was tempted.. by her grandmother.. all this coming on the heels of a stranger...

the other day while we were putting out eggs for an Educational Egg Hunt a gal tried to give my dd some chocoloate. She had already said thank you politely and told the lady she would save it for Easter Sunday because she gave it up for Lent.
The gal had some more chocolate and tried to give it to some mommies.. we all said no thanks with some adding that they had given it up for Lent. She came to me and said, "well, how 'bout you? Take it."
"no, thanks, I gave it up as well"
Another lady chimed in, "so close to Easter, I'm not blowing it now!"
So then this gal turns to my dd and says, "well, I just give it to her. She'll eat it."
I replied, "no, please don't tempt her. She gave up chocolates for Lent."
"Oh really," she said, "I gave her some earlier and I am sure she ate it!"
I smiled and said, "no, actually, she gave it to me to hold for her."
"OH! I would have thought she ate it... " She sounded rather disappointed. The lady tried anyway and dd who had been playing just said no and skipped off with another little 4 year old..

Can you believe the nerve of this gal?? I told Queen V I was so happy and proud of her for sticking with what she had said. We got in a big conversation about her faith, the lady tempting her.. Queen V's conclusion was that the lady was rude- not to her but to Jesus- imagine that!!! Out of the mouths of babes!


alli_scraps said...

wow!!! what a pushy lady!!!! She just didn't get the hint did she!!! Good for Queen V for sticking to her faith!

antonia said...

Aww! God bless your little girl!


JB said...

That's really amazing! I am not surprised that Queen V knew better than to give in, but the lady was really unkind to all of you. And how wise of Queen V to say that the lady was rude to Jesus! Amazing!
I missed you all so much for Easter too! I tried calling but only one sibling was at the house... I will try calling you in the next few days. I just don't know when - crazy life that I have you know ;-)
The cherry blossoms were almost all gone on Sat - sad. And it was freezing! But I enjoyed some authentic Croatian food and got some fresh air outside. Good enough huh?
Miss you tons!

:o) said...

Your little miss is a wonderful example. Hopefully, she taught that 'devil in disguise' something. You must be so proud and a very good mom.

Ariana said...

Hey, I followed your name from the comment you left on my blog.
Nice to see you're blogging.

I'm really impressed with your dd for not only staying strong (with chocolate at 4 no less!) but for knowing so thoroughly that lent is for Jesus and that the girl's actions would pain *Him*.

I don't know that much about lent, but it sounds like your daughter is being taught what truly matters really well by you. Good going! :)

Joan said...

Your blog is lovely and full of rockin' pics!

Ana said...

WOWZERS..I love your picture taking skills. You are truely talented AnaMarie. BTW your daughter is so adorable and you've been tagged..heheh