Wednesday, April 18, 2007

spring storms

Jeanine's Cardinal

I love a good storm- always have.. the electrify me!
We have had our fill around here though..
With my kids they have emotions that run like the weather...
if it's crying outside there are tears inside- meaning if it's raining outside my kids are clingy, weepy and needy! lol!
if it's sunny and bright so are my lovelies..

my photos of my kids lately sure do show it. I hope to show more of my handiwork with my photos... still working with Manual.. and now picking up some photoshop tricks for when I still just don't get it on my camera.. hopefully I will beging to get it right out of camera each time!!! This is my goal right now! I am having things click in my head that I was told last summer...
guess that's what happens when you have 3 kids- it takes a while to sink in!

this photo is for my friend, Jeanine... she is on a mission to photograph a cardinal- I saw a young male while at the gardens the other day.. (blogger won't take the photo... will try again later.)

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