Thursday, April 05, 2007

3 little ones and their blessings

My girl.. what a girl.. I see her here what she will become in the future.. a sweet gentle spirit..
she is so silly at times
so full of life
so fun to be around
and then it hits me
what a wonderful soul for God to have given to me to mother...
what a gift!

See the sun on her face?
A warm afternoon turned into a dreamy evening.
Right before bed the other night we went for a quick swing.
Look at the intensity in these eyes!!!
Are these the eyes of a future nun or mother?
Is this the child that will be a leader or a follower?
Nonetheless, we had a wonderful quick swing.
As a young girl I remember going for a run through the front yard in my nightgown after a bath. I had a favorite- thin, yellow, with a painting of an Indian Princess.. it made my dreams come closer I would think. I don't think my mom got it off of me if it weren't for going to school!

A place to sit with my boy.. love this.. he can sit and watch the cattle graze from his roost here..
wish I had a chair just like it..
Today he got ticked with himself so many times..
he was happy to see he could do a project at the library and nobody told him no, giggled that Mom and I were asking him where his parts of his face were... and then to take a fruit smoothie and dump it all over his tray only to smack his hands in it and make a huge mess- it was across the room on the wallpaper.. shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell my dh..... I got it all cleaned up.. he was giggling.. it was funny but I didn't want to encourage him.. even my girls were giggling at his giggling.. it's contagious!
on the way to Mass tonight I could hear his gears turning.. I turned around to see this smirk on his face.. his hands were moving like they were earlier when he was rather pleased with himself.. and then he started cracking up.. so funny!


Kristine said...

:0) heehee...what a funny boy!! Thanks for sharing your precious kids with us once again. They touch my heart and made me smile. Have a very happy and meaningful EASTER!! :0)

*Jeanne* said...

Oh AM these are GORGEOUS pictures! Just darling... awesome photographer!

I hope you and your family have a happy and blessed Easter!

Tisha said...

The photos of your kids are adorable! I'm a friend of Alli's. :}

alli_scraps said...

what beautiful photos!!!! love the one of Mr. T!!!!

antonia said...

aw! They are each so cute!!

I'm Toni. said...

Nice blog! Love all three photos, especially the first one (so much soothing color).