Monday, October 20, 2008

photoshop and digital insights

So I have listed some resources that I use from time to time to help me out. I hope this helps some of you out!!

hybrid tshirts
love this idea! I have seen it in magazines before but wanted to share here too
this is what the kids will get for my dds' birthday parties

layers and histograms
I found some really great tutorials here dealing with levels and histograms to show what part of your photos is under or overexposed- makes processing your photos so much easier
crop using the rule of thirds
soft focus
STEP by STEP how to make and out of bounds photo
this link will give you (if you have Photoshop Elements) a boost in creating those stunning black and white photos from a color one!
for CS2:


digital scrapping
for learning how to add depth to your letters:
why reinvent the wheel??
these are some simple lessons...
how to stitch
index of sorts:
fiber filter tutorial

how to make your own digital swirls
creating grass:
more control lessons here
click on the presets of the brush itself..
I kept opening presets and expecting them there
I clicked on the "dynamics" not checking the box and it came up!!
did you know there was a hidden world under all those words in the preset box?? click on them and find out!!!
to make your subject pop while blurring the environment around it
again with the blur

creating your own brushes
have made my own signature brush that I place on my photos and on my sketches (look in my gallery)
I used a few dingbats and a font I like, a few layers, defined the brush and it is mine!!!
if you want a link to some photos of how to make your own in your own photoshop here you go:

this one is so up Twistedsoda's alley!

this one is a video that requires flash

one more that uses your photos to find a pattern you like
Cinda gave me this tip: You can use your magic background eraser to get rid of the white. If you save as a jpg you'll get the white, but psd or png should maintain the transparency.
and from Rikki: Create the image you want to use as your brush. Everything that is white in the image is transparent in your future brush. Max. siez is 2500 x 2500 px.
Select the area with the marquee tool or another slection tool
Go to Edite -> define brush preset
Don't forget to save the brush in an existing or a new preset. Otherwise if you replace the existing preset, it will be gone.
That's it.
Now you can use your brush to stamp anywhere.

how to make a photo a circle (by Rikki)

Just use the marquee tool, draw out a circle, place it over the part of the photo you want to keep, inverse the selection (in PS Ctrl+Shift+I) and hit delete.


A frame is made to lay over your photo while a mask you line it up with your paper and/or photo and (if using PSE) click ctrl-g to group them together - then your paper is in the shape of those pretty swirls You could actually do the same thing on the frames, but only the frame would fill and your photo underneath would still show through.
You can do the same thing with text and "cut" your text out of any paper or photo.
One of the many things I love about Photoshop!

and from Rikki

A frame is an embellishment that you actually use as is on your page. You put it there, and maybe re-colorize it, and that's it.
A mask like Shandy's you use to change the look of something else. You can use it for example as a clipping mask to clip papers or photos to the shape of the mask.
You can use anything you want as a clipping mask. One example:
You could take the shape of a star and use it as a clipping mask to clip a square piece of paper into the shape of that very star.



grograin ribbon
I saw on the blog that Michele is a contirbuting editor for how to make a striped ribbon but I want a different texture.. is that all there is to it? making a different texture??
there's a good grosgrain tut at SBB: (thanks ChrisGr)

make your own flourishes

some more tips for brushes

special digi thanks goes to Michele, Cinda, Rikki, and Chris for helping me learn so much while we all played at The Shaker Box the last 5 years.
I don't think I would have learnes and researched so much without you guys helping me out and cheering me on!


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Hi! You have my link down, but it moved sometime back. The link for my tutorials is . Thanks for your interest, and I hope you continue to enjoy my tuts!
Always me, Janee Photoshop Resources

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AM - thanks for saving so many of these links from TSB! I've seen a few of the girls follow Linda over to I signed up and plan to check it out today. I believe they are planning to do a digital CT call for the add-ons at TSB so I think I'll be sticking around to see what happens.

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Thanks for all the information! This is great!


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Checkout my Photoshop Tutorials and Photoshop oriented blog: Let me know if you find it useful.

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Nice, I'm learning Photoshop so resources & Article is more need.