Saturday, October 18, 2008

bugs and boys

dead bugs
pockets of overalls

getting a picture here??
yea, so my dryer eats socks and deposits dead bugs on the rim to scare the bajeebers out of me when I open the door...
I knew Mr. T liked bugs but did not know that he was sticking bugs in his pockets of his overalls...
and when I go to wash and then dry the bugs can no longer handle a spin cycle or the heat of the dryer...

so what is a mama to do???
take a pic of a daddy long legs for her boy... one that is alive but NOT crawling or spinning or being dryed to death!

1 comment:

kraftyscraps said...

LOL My DS is just now finding the joy of insects! Good idea with snapping shots of the bugs.

Hey I got your message about the Christmas cards, I would love to be in on that! Let me know the details. :)