Monday, October 20, 2008

photography insights

I need a place to put all of the ideas and links I have gathered to share in scrapping, photography and stamping...
it's a long list and will be added to throughout the next few days..

window light:

sharpening a photo:
there are many ways to do this..
I know Jane does a defog using her USM
I use USM at different scale
but now I found this tutorial.. had to share!
I am just getting the hang of this... my focus fell slightly on some recent photos and I wanted to get them back- the capture was so cute.. but how to make it look right??

well, use your USM in your photoshop. It's called UNSHARP MASK but it does seem to sharpen.. It has to do with how it was done in a real darkroom versus how we do it in a computer digitally. "It gets it's name because it unsharpens (de-focuses) the image and uses the difference with the original image ..." (this quote from Focus Magic)
there are 3 things to understand.
The first being amount which is measured by percentage.
The second being radius which is measured by pixels.
The third being threshold which is measured by levels.

I have some links to some sites and I would really like to get a discussion going on this great filter!!! What do you say?? are you ready to clear up some of your photos that are soft on focus??
this one is studied by a lot of people. He is right on in his explaining- some times a little technical but you might be into that!

maybe you want a quick once over??

photos and diagrams here:

this guy is really clear and explains it very well!! I love this site!

clear and concise with photos to go with the information! He shows you with the filter pulled down

explains different ways of how to use USM (from global to detailed to parts of a photo)

another explanation with great photos for visual learners (tips inside this one!!)

about dot com always has tons of references!

another quick description:

in podcast form:

another great tutorial:

for those of you using PaintShop Pro

tutorial with comments from others so you can learn from their mistakes:

to show you that you can go TOO FAR with this

and the last tutorial/article came from the great Lone Star State!!

curves tutorial:
so you want more from your photographs, more umph, more contrast??
if you have gotten the hang of levels then try curves.
Matt Greer has a great tutorial on his blog

Depth of Field (DOF)
do you know how to get a background blurry??
do you know how to get good bokeh?
do you know how to get the background in focus but the foreground out of focus (OOF)???
well, here, check out this DOF calculator and play away!! it will tell you how to get the look you want, good exposure and where to place your subject from your camera.. amazing

fine tuning your photos:

taking your own school photo:
it is possible for you to try and do this yourself!!!
place your child at a 45* angle from the light
have your child sit up straight and lean over their belt buckle
have them slightly twist towards you
move eyes directly at the camera for eye contact
tilt a girl's head but never a boys!!! (makes them look efeminite)
have them sit on a stool with a pleasant background.. try your clean garage wall or even outside- do this when the sun is not directly overhead or you will wind up with shadows that are too harsh
the school playground before dusk...
need a reflector? get a piece of foam core board (HObby Lobby sells it for about $5) and place close to your subject.. move it so it catches the light and reflects this on your subjects shadow...
ok.. seriously.. try this.. do you photograph a face 2 dimensionally or 3??

smooth skin:
I thought this tutorial was really cool
dig how NOT to use the gaussian blur.. I did this forever.. glad to see another technique
don't forget to erase back the eyes

creaeting sepia:
great with fall photos...

great bloggers:
love her style!!! teaches

yep, a class online
you have to check out- it will give you so much info in what will help you become a better photographer


over the water fireworks:

super help tips:

tips from the Smithsonian:

digital photography school

Bob Atkin's description

Better Photo dot com

Gary Black Photog.,

The Imaging Resource

great shots (photos)

Dobson Central

to add wings to your photo
sites I have visited while on this adventure: (you have to pay for the brushes but how cool are they!) (this is the site I was looking for first!)

balancing shaddows

Oronton Technique
it takes a photo and puts a fairytale like quality to it- facinating!

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Great tips and blogs--thanks for sharing!

I would love to do a card swap--how many are you doing and what is the time stuff?

Love the blog--good to see you are doing so well :)