Thursday, October 09, 2008

last day being 40

alarm/radio sings me awake
nurse baby
check on Queen V to see if she made it into clothes yet
close Mr. T's door so he continues to sleep
breakfast for kids (all different cereals)
make lunches
draw on napkins and write notes to each girlie girl
set bags by garage door
take pic of Lady G in her rocker chick costume
load kids in van and drive to school
come home and take a look at pics I took
organize photos and surf photogs for inspiration
get things ready for Princess A's Thusday photoshoot
meet Mom and Queen V at library
photos of baby
back to school for testing of Queen V... she needs a little help in rhyming...
pick up Lady G
discuss scool
snuggle sleeping baby
find orange hair spray paint for Lady G pretending to be rocker chick
get ready for play
back to school for evening performance
rock out!!!
showers for kids
rock baby to sleep
now time to dream
good night

textures: Joy St. Clair
WA: Elegant Word Art by Bethany

1 comment:

mahw said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 40+ isn't that bad,really it isn't!