Wednesday, January 16, 2008

gaining speed!

I have so much to share with you! Our family is going at lightning speed and something had to give and this was it!

I get to read a few blogs here and there and one that keeps me going is 5 Minutes for Mom Being a mom of 3 I need 5 minutes! Just the other day my dh was shewing kids out of the potty while I was trying to take care of business... at least I can say my kids try using the potty early for being a part of this activity.. lol!

Anyway, have you been to 5 Min for Mom recently?? They have the coolest give aways! Today they are giving away a miniature Mustang!!! not a horse.. have one of those.. but a replica of a Ford Mustang.. we have a real one of those. Dh bought the body for the car when he was in 8th grade and by the time we were dating in college he had the AC put in place.... he drove this muscle car for quite some time until he had to drive through the canyon in Dallas.. if you drive Dallas traffic you know where this is... Also havin 2 horses at the time we needed a pickup truck to haul hay.

Here is the Pedal Car they are giving away. How cool is this?? The same year as dh's fast back!!!! Dig all the retro toys they have at this shop!! This totally takes me back to my childhood and why wouldn't you want to share parts of your own childhood with your children... makes it all so much sweeter!!! My kids have what dh and I call the Fred Flinstone mobile... you know- they move their feet and it goes... with these pedal cars the kids have to have that coordination used in riding a bike... but this is so much fun!! When we were kids we had a John Deer pedal tractor that we enjoyed so much!
If you have kids and want to relive a part of your childhood vicariously through them go join 5 Minutes for Mom and see what all the fun is about!!

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