Tuesday, January 22, 2008

finally, some glue on my fingers!

it has been way too long since I had glue on my fingers...
I love glue, colors, paper... and checking out other blogs.. I love to go to Ana Wight's blog and this entry of Dirty Polly I swear looks just like my oldest with her hair in pigtails!!! I have to go get this one... it is just as sweet as my Lady G... and can't you just see this on the pages of my girl??
Well, I did a LO of her from a little photo shoot we did before Christmas. She was feeling like my budding photography business was creeping in the way of me being a full time Mommy... so this came from that. I asked her if she would be my model for trying different poses, letting me practice exposure and lighting.. My favorite is the one of her putting her foot in her mouth!!! She could have killed me when I put it on a LO! lol! love it anyway... shows her goofy side :)

She picked out her shot, her card and gave it to her very best girl friends... I love it! She did rather well! Now to get Valentine shots....

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