Monday, November 03, 2008

Go Get Your VOTE on!

I did it
I did
baby strapped to my hip with my ever popular sling
Mr. T teasing the pollsters.. is that what they are called?

I got my vote on... did you??
with 2 little kids in tow there are not enough Goldfish to keep one content... you know?? a little bribery with library books and a movie borrowed from the library... Buzz Lightyear, I think it was... and I GOT MY VOTE ON!!

As a former social studies and history teacher I am telling you to get out and VOTE!!
You can't "gritch" if you don't vote!!!
Yep, I don't want to hear it..
I know my limitations.
I know what policies are important in my book!
I know what is important this time...


OH....and one more thing... say a prayer- now, I don't care how you vote or voted- but say a prayer for Mr. Obama and his family. His grandma died on Sunday... 2 days shy of getting to see what happened in her grandson's election. I was told by my mom that she did vote absentee... but Obama and his family are grieving right now. Can you imagine the added pressure... say prayers for him, his wife and children.... they need it..
and while you are there... say a prayer for no fraud in the election... on EITHER SIDE! Man, I can't stand liars or cheaters... it's an Aggie thing...

Gig 'em and GET YOUR VOTE ON!

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