Sunday, November 02, 2008

boo to you!

cast of characters:
Princess A: Larry the Cucumber
Mr. T: Farmer Boy... because "trick or treating is no fair!"
Queen V: dalmation puppy
Lady G: rocker chick

backyard prior to Grandpa hauling us around on a trailor full of hay

my favorite things of Halloween 2008
Princess A: is all full of smiles... just like Larry the Cucumber in this pic...
Mr T: bought one Buzz Lightyear costume but when it had to slip over his head it was history so I brought out super chicken and that was good for a giggle but not to put on.. then I placed cowboy horse in front of him and that got on but then off... go figure.. I turned Mr. T over to Daddy and this is what they came up with. Trick or treating was still "no fair" BUT clothes were now on my boy...
Queen V: dalmations are the favorite puppy with chihuahuas running a close second for my girl... like the face paiting?? I did it myself, thank you very much.. ha! I had a pic of Lady G with the same face painted by a professional and I tried to mimic it. I think I did pretty well... The costume was a white sweatshirt and white leggings with black iron on patches I cut up to make the spots- perfect! Thanks to my sister for giving me that direction!!!!
Lady G... recognize the costume.. it's what she gathered for her school play.. she liked it so much it went back on for Halloween! hooray!

I am kind of glad it is behind us... nursing a baby on a hay trailor in front of inlaws is a trick for sure.. whew! but we all made it... and then went to roast s'mores at friends... a tradition from my childhood. I hope to post about it tomorrow...

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