Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday Book

Each of my girls were born on a Tuesday and brought home on a Thursday... My sister-in-law gave me a really nice book for photos but what pics would go in???
I looked at what day I consistently took photos of Lady G and it was Thursdays. I took her photo with the gifts she had been given by relatives, friends and students. Well, for each kiddo it's a tradition that Aunt Jenny give a special book to the baby... this time was no exception :) So every Thursday I will take Princess A's photo and slide it into her book. It shows so much how they change... here are the first 3 photos that were taken. I hope to take her to the Botanical Gardens and take her pic today... we'll see how the day pans out :)


Lauren said...

These pictures are so sweet. Have fun filling your book.

jo said...

She is absolutely adorable!! You're making me feel all broody again after swearing I'd never have another baby LOL!

Helena said...

She is beautiful!