Saturday, September 06, 2008

3 weeks old...

in 3 weeks we have done the following....
had shots
gone through so many diapers it's hard to keep track
seen Queen V off to kindergarten (this is worth an entry into the blog itself)
seen a lady be nominated as a VP in the Republican Party
seen an African American nominated as President in the Democratic party
changed more diapers
taken a real bath
colored my hair... twice... it's much better now...
seen Lady G into a new hallway in school... the 3rd grade hall
seen Mr. T pull toys out that HE wants to play with... (another worth it's own blog entry and photos)
found the self timer on my new camera (amazing what happens when you read the manual!)
got cards to write numerous thank yous out to friends and family
and the big one for Princess A... found and pulled her own hair... yea, she is her own bully... poor kid...


twulynnwilson said...

I love this P!!! I want to do this so bad!!!!!!!! Is it hard? do you make it or did the template come that way???? I've got to learn!!!

jo said...

She is adorable! Has her hair gone lighter?

antonia said...

aw! she is so beautiful


Sierra Grannie said...

What a pretty Layout. Gorgeous baby.
Bev SBS11

Kristine B. said...

OH!!! This melts my heart. OH WOW. LOVELY pictures--you really have a knack at capturing just the right things on paper. OH, and I LOVED that book. I majored in Early CHildhood Ed. and that book was def. my favorite as every time my professor would read it aloud, she'd tear up. Sappy, I know...but it's such a good story.